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Technical Requirements

Users on the Rutgers University network can access the VHA through any computer meeting the below hardware and software requirements. Accessing the database is also possible by connecting to the high-speed Ethernet or wireless.

The Visual History Archive can be access from either Windows or Mac OS X based systems.

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows Media Player 9 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later or
  • Firefox 3 or later (requires Windows Media Player Plugin) - There is an issue with Firefox version 23.0.1.  See Note.

Windows users who use Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later can access the system without having to install any other software.  However, Firefox users will need to install the Windows Media Player plug-in on their system in order to view the videos and slide shows.

The VHA website will give you the opportunity to install the software directly from their web page which makes it quick and easy.  You may have some difficulty if your system administrator has restricted the software that can be installed on your machine.  If this is the case, please contact your system administrator and request that the plug-in be installed.  In the interim, you can use Internet Explorer to access the content.

If you are able to install the plug-in, you'll need to either refresh the page or restart Firefox before it will become active.


Macintosh users must be running OS X version 10.4 or higher and have Quicktime 7 or newer installed as well as the Flip4Mac WMV Components for Quicktime.  They must also have Safari 3 or higher.

The only requirement that most systems will not meet is the presence of the Flip4Mac software.  You can follow the instructions included on the VHA site to install this software on your machine.  You will need to have an administrator level password on your system in order to install this software.

Once the software has been installed you should exit Safari and restart it in order for the plug-in to become active.

Contact Us

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