Using the Archive at Rutgers

The Visual History Archive (VHA) is an online research resource that must be used on Rutgers campus on a computer connected to the Rutgers University campus network. Use of the Archive requires a one-time registration, which allows users to save searches and projects. Testimonies are streamed through the VHA interface from a Rutgers cache server. If a testimony you need is not currently available on the cache server, it can be requested and will be uploaded within 48 hours; users will then be notified by e-mail when the testimony is available.

The Archive can only be accessed:

  • On campus within the Rutgers University campus network
  • Users who would like to access the archive from OFFSITE must be connected via a VPN to the Rutgers Network.  VPN access can be obtained through the Office of Information Technology VPN or through local departmental VPNs (in some cases).
  • Using Internet Explorer (version 6 or later) with the Windows operating system (XP/Vista) and Windows Media Player. Macintosh users must be running OS X version 10.4 or higher and have Quicktime 7 or newer installed as well as the Flip4Mac WMV Components for Quicktime.  They must also have Safari 3 or higher.

For help using the Visual History Archive’s search interface, see the VHA User Guide [PDF].

Researchers without access to the VHA can use the Online Testimony Catalogue to locate testimonies through inverviewees' biographical information. The catalogue is not as comprehensive or flexible as the VHA's search interface but is recommended for outside researchers without remote access.

Locations on Campus for Viewing the Archive

Any networked computer on campus can stream the testimonies; however, terminals with headphones are available in the following locations:

  • Media Center of Douglass Library
  • Archibald S. Alexander Library
  • Kilmer Library